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How Customer Reviews Can Help Grow Your Business

January 22, 2018

In a very competitive online marketplace, it can be incredibly difficult for businesses to stand out. This is where customer reviews come in. When satisfied customers write positive reviews about your products or services, your business can attract new customers. Usually when people are ready to make a buying decision, a five-star review can help seal the deal.

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7 Tips For Social Media Success in 2018

January 2, 2018

2018 is here and it's time to get smart about your social media strategy. Nearly 2.8 billion people around the world use social media. It's one of the easiest and most affordable ways to reach potential customers right where they are online. Creating effective social media campaigns can help raise brand awareness and build lasting connections with your customers. If you want your brand to stand out this year, we're here to help with the following social media tips.

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Back to Basics: Language is Fundamental

December 1, 2017

It has been said that death and life are in the power of the tongue, that tiny agent upon which empires have risen and others felled. So what words can and should we use in consideration of this—the best of times and the worst of times?

Recalibrate. Just as our other senses adjust when one loses power, the tenor of ad-speak could stand to be sensitized to the needs of the newly spend-thrifty. With peril sounding from many a corner, community and conscience have risen at least a notch on Jane Q. Public's radar. Conversely, consumerism and gratification may ring distastefully hollow—an unpleasant knell from the 90s.

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Old Ways Still Work For 21st Century Customers

November 1, 2017

What would become Target's signature bullseye first took seed near the turn of the 20th century, when the Dayton Dry Goods Company was founded. Mass and depth are probably apt descriptors of the company's measured strategy, which a century later has earned it instant recognition. As a matter of fact, current news of reaching its $1 billion goal for education was foreshadowed by a 1946 decision to donate 5 percent of pretax profits to the community and an impressive set of philanthropic and environmentally sensitive initiatives.

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