Ready to Discover What The Jungle Offers?

Jungle Communications has a knack for helping business owners realize a purpose-driven vision. We are ferociously committed to growing businesses and organizations guided by their cause, passion and commitment.

The process begins with an honest conversation.

Before you put us to work, we need to learn how you work.

So let's talk!

We want to get to know you and the team you've built. We'll want to learn what makes you tick.

Is there a spark? Is there chemistry between your key stakeholders and Jungle's team?

It's a wilderness out there. You need a partner with the teeth and the claws to fight for you and your business. You need a partner with skin in the game.

We can make sense of the "wild unknown" and find new ways to bring your business goals into focus. These conversations will help us establish a baseline and define potential areas for growth.

What have you tried before? What has worked? What hasn't? And most importantly, let's uncover why?

We'll build a custom-tailored, strategic planning model—based on the age-old marketing tool known as "S.W.O.T." (identifying your "Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats") to help us establish a baseline. We identify what you're already doing well and where you can improve, both from an internal and external perspective. We want to unearth your strengths, your weaknesses, your goals and your process. The things that truly impact your brand success.

Our discovery process includes a day-long needs assessment to reveal your marketing and brand growth potential. How is your brand story being told? Where is your story falling flat?

Many agencies will lead with marketing tactics and questions about your budget. Not us. In fact, you're under no obligation to become a client during this phase ... You're still learning about Jungle; our team is still getting to know you. This is where we set the stage for long-term success.


The process begins with an honest conversation.

Now it's time to sharpen our tools and clear the debris.

At this point you’ll either:

A. Begin the journey, or...
B. Decide we aren’t a good match.

If you choose option "B"...no hard feelings! Our approach isn't for everyone. In fact, we know that success depends on a mutual, full-throated enthusiasm for our shared approach.

However... If you choose option "A," we'll make it "official" and commence our joint mission to tell your brand story and grow your business.

It's time for the hard work and the deep-dive to begin. Are you ready?

We want to position ourselves to make the best decisions, to prioritize business-critical fixes; to wisely allocate marketing resources where they can have maximum impact. To do this, we'll continuously evaluate your sales process. This means critically observing the day-to-day client-facing role of the business, auditing your website and other online properties, and interviewing your business development team from time-to-time to see where they need support.

We'll explore every touchpoint of your customers' experience (packaging, customer service, online presence, reputation management, etc.) and assemble a plan to maximize positive, brand engagement to drive ROI. This plan will include developing data-driven marketing strategies, advertising creatives, digital collateral, media planning and more—exactly what it takes to build your growth machine.

We'll build your media plans, brand growth strategies and public perceptions thoughtfully and strategically with an approach that is relationship-based, technical and content-oriented. We'll manage your digital marketing, broadcast advertising, social media, reputation management, and public relations so you can focus on running your business.


In the discovery phase we learn about your process and your company culture

Set the Target

How do we prioritize marketing investments? What should we include in your messaging strategy?

Just as we need to understand your brand, we need an intimate understanding of your customer.

By interviewing customers (including loyal repeat customers and those who decided to buy from your competitors), we'll develop your customer/buyer persona based on our research. We'll take it one step further—in addition to building out your customer demographics—we'll focus on the psychographics of how your customers think, their motivations, what they fear and what keeps them coming back.

Our ultimate goal is more than increasing transactions. It's creating brand champions—customers so loyal they're excited to tell all their friends about you. They'll write glowing reviews online, and they'll brag about you to their friends and family.

Gaining a clear understanding of your audience is possibly the most important part of our job, so we take it seriously.


We need to answer some questions with confidence and precision.

Assess the Landscape

To answer this, we need to know a few things: What are buyers saying about you and about your competition? What's the real reason some of them prefer your competitor?

Digging into your "real world" and online competitors enables us to discover what marketing channels they deploy, investigate how they are driving traffic, and analyze the creative to better establish your brand voice in the market.

With Jungle's strategy team leading the way, even our smallest clients can go toe-to-toe with their biggest competitors.


How can we position your brand as the ideal solution to your customers' problems?

Stay on the Path

"Staying the course" means keeping our eyes open for the best path forward.

When your customer/buyer persona changes, when the market's needs change, we realign our approach. In fact, we never stop fine-tuning your campaigns to get us there.

We implement marketing and media best practices and review our approach with your team on a regular basis. Through these discussions, we'll decide, together, what adjustments need to be made.

Communication and accountability form the bedrock of success.

We'll be with you every step of the way.


Sure of foot, steady wins the race.

Consistent Leadership

Jungle will represent your business, functioning as your communications and marketing department. We are not an outsourced vendor.

Other agencies don't spend much time or energy on implementation; after the contract is signed, the day-to-day work is outsourced or handed off to someone far down the chain of command.

This is where things usually fall apart.

At Jungle, we love the grind. Our senior management team is there to drive strategic planning into action. Their combined 60-plus years of marketing strategy, implementation and expertise means your campaigns are timed to succeed.

We'll be leading you throughout the journey. Regular reporting will give you clear, actionable insight into what we're doing and how it's impacting your brand.

Our management team oversees every part of the process, responding to your changing priorities as needed or when your customers' needs shift. That's the value we deliver: expertise, consistency and tenacity to see things through.

Our role is to manage, grow and represent your brand through authentic storytelling. The marketplace is huge, full of secrets and pitfalls… Let Jungle be your guide through the confusion. Let us help you tell your story.


we're truly a part of your team.

Our Values