Ready to Discover What The Jungle Offers?

Jungle Communications has a knack for helping business owners realize a purpose-driven vision. We are ferociously committed to growing businesses and organizations guided by their cause, passion and commitment.
The process begins with an honest conversation.

Now it's time to sharpen our tools and clear the debris.

At this point you’ll either:

A. Begin the journey, or...
B. Decide we aren’t a good match.

If you choose option "B"...no hard feelings! Our approach isn't for everyone. In fact, we know that success depends on a mutual, full-throated enthusiasm for our shared approach.

In the discovery phase we learn about your process and your company culture

Set the Target

How do we prioritize marketing investments? What should we include in your messaging strategy?

Just as we need to understand your brand, we need an intimate understanding of your customer.

We need to answer some questions with confidence and precision.

Assess the Landscape

To answer this, we need to know a few things: What are buyers saying about you and about your competition? What's the real reason some of them prefer your competitor?

How can we position your brand as the ideal solution to your customers' problems?

Stay on the Path

"Staying the course" means keeping our eyes open for the best path forward.

When your customer/buyer persona changes, when the market's needs change, we realign our approach. In fact, we never stop fine-tuning your campaigns to get us there.

Sure of foot, steady wins the race.

Consistent Leadership

Jungle will represent your business, functioning as your communications and marketing department. We are not an outsourced vendor.

Other agencies don't spend much time or energy on implementation; after the contract is signed, the day-to-day work is outsourced or handed off to someone far down the chain of command.

we're truly a part of your team.

Our Values