Jungle Communications Inc. was born from a successful radio advertising sales rep and a copywriter who stepped in. Jungle Communications has paved its way to one of the top boutique full-service advertising and marketing agencies in the most cost-prohibitive market in the country, The Big Apple!

33 years ago our founder, Sam Mikhail started his journey to owning and running his own agency by joining the on-air disc jockeys at his college radio station at Rutgers University. He was swiftly promoted to general manager, and grew the station from 12 people to 80 people in just 2 years. It was here he recognized his true potential in radio marketing and advertising.

Shortly after college Sam was hired as a radio marketer at a station in the New York area where his booming career officially took off. As a radio marketer not only did he find low cost ways to connect his clients with their target audience through radio but he went above and beyond to connect the dots of their entire marketing strategy to produce the most value for their brand. Deploying unconventional, guerilla marketing tactics quickly became Sam’s M.O. and eventually the inspiration behind the name Jungle Communications Inc.

Sam’s better half, Francine, seeing the account load he had built, offered to start managing the copywriting for his radio accounts. As their business partnership blossomed they realized his skills went vastly beyond the limits of radio advertising and that he had a great eye for full-scale marketing campaigns and brand management, planting the seed of a future in marketing together.

With continued client growth and business success, partners Sam and Francine started their positively wild adventure of expanding their after hours copywriting service into a full-service boutique ad agency developing marketing, media and brand support for purpose-driven organizations.

Jungle Communications has developed and grown brands for hundreds of organizations from American Financial to Harley Davidson to Veggie Tales recruiting equally passionate members to the team along the way. Jungle’s team members are selected with the goal of creating a talented family fueled by their belief in the work their clients are doing. Knowing each individual experiences life through a different set of lenses, each campaign Jungle has been entrusted with draws inspiration from every member of their team resulting in an exponentially greater outcome.


18 years later, Jungle is still bringing together passionate individuals who are accustomed to doing extraordinary work for the extra-ordinary type of client. At Jungle we have a mission to impact our culture by supporting purpose-driven brands committed to being a positive agent of change in their respective field of business or work. We get no greater satisfaction than making the perfect marriage between consumer and provider, but more importantly seeing the goals and aspirations of our clients realized.

From the beginning our positively wild founders have created a legacy of positively wild results.