With over 150 years of combined marketing and advertising experience, our small yet fussy bunch is fiercely committed to delivering excellence to our purpose-driven clients.


Sam Mikhail

Co-Founder & CEO

Francine Mikhail

Co-Founder & CFO


Pat Walsh

Web Manager/Developer

Ariel Flores

Social Media/Marketing Cooridinator

Chevoyne Green

Digital Marketing Specialist

Lorraine Mendoza

Office Manager

Dave Leonard

Dave Leonard

Art Director

Emily Davis

SEO Specialist/Content Manager


Leslie Victori

Special Projects Manager

Jamar Pierce

UX/UI Designer & Brand Identity


Maciel Rivera

Client Events Coordinator

Diane Zidek

Facebook Ads Manager


Ben Stecky

Marketing Strategist

Malarkey Victori

Happiness Intern

Aegi “Eggs” Victori

Chief Cuddle Officer (CCO)

Loudmouth Larry

Motivational Speaker

Tom Campisi

Media & Press Relations

Megan Martin

Writer/Content Curator

Aja Contreras

SEO Specialist/Content Manager

Alex Miranda

Director of PPC


Jordan Mikhail

Content Manager

Our Positively Wild Team

This is our team, a group of people on one crazy adventure together who love to bring light into the world with smiles, laughter and office pets.