Full service web marketing for your business' online success


The average American spends 24 HOURS PER WEEK ONLINE.

People are searching the web right now for a company like yours! The question is will they find you? Our web marketing team will analyze your brand presence in the digital space and develop a cohesive strategy aimed at converting casual visitors into brand cheerleaders.With carefully crafted Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC), Online Reputation Management, Email Marketing, and other web marketing strategies, Jungle can transform the way you tell your brand story, personalizing it in a way that speaks to people where they are and lead them to
predictable online destinations.

Web Design

UX Web Design NJ

Showcase Your Business In Style

Our striking web design doesn’t happen by chance! We do more than draw attention with a pretty web page. We convert users to take action! With professional design and easy navigation, your website will demand your reader’s attention and encourage them to choose you.

Good UX web design will maximize your conversion potential with a strong directional flow that guides visitors through the navigation options, fast loading, mobile-friendly responsiveness, unobtrusive help options, high readability, and digestible, informative, and engaging content…  


Web Design
Web Development

Web Development

Creating Website Solutions

Updating a website we build for you is as easy as writing an email. We will guide you through our client-focused CMS platforms so you can update your website from any web browser. With an ever-changing digital landscape, keeping your content up-to-date is more important than ever before!

Our New Jersey web development firm is home to experienced creatives and expert developers who know WordPress like the backs of their hands. 


Google Adwords

Generating More Visits and Leads

Experience is everything! It’s all too easy to throw your hard-earned money down the drain with a make-shift Google Ad. We don’t just post your ads and hope for the best. Your ad content and targeting strategy will be based on extensive research into your audience and market.

With highly focused keywords, a laser-targeted audience and our cost-effective approach we will create a sustainable, effective campaign customized specifically for your business. Prime your business for aggressive growth with professional Google AdWords!

Google AdWords
Social Media
Social Media

Social Media Advertising

Get Seen and Get Heard

Billions of active users scroll through social media everyday presenting the most lucrative advertising opportunity in the world. But how do you capitalize on this audience? Social media provides the most targeted advertising capabilities the commercial world has ever seen. You can define your audience demographic, behavior, history, and more.

By zeroing in on a narrow audience with the highest likelihood of conversion, we can minimize your ad spend while maximizing your returns. Our team of professionals will craft the perfect message to drive impactful business growth increasing brand awareness and ROI.


Jungle continues to exceed their goals every single month. The amount of leads that come in is amazing. I don’t know what their secret sauce is, but they make it happen.

—Brian Schiele, Co-founder
Fellowship Home Loans


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing Website Performance

Everyone, including you, is fighting for the elusive first page position on Google. Optimizing your website is exactly how you get there but without an SEO expert, you may never claim your spot. Google SEO is a complex, multi-dimensional strategy requiring on-page optimization of your website’s code, off-page back-linking and other optimizations outside of your website, and technical optimization of the site design.

With hundreds of factors influencing your page ranking our SEO professionals will take out the guesswork and help you dominate your competition.

Search Engine Optimization
Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Marketing

Advertising That Pays Off

A paid search campaign is the quickest way to increase visibility and conversion rates. With this strategy you only pay-per-click – duh – which can become expensive pretty quickly if you aren’t converting. When you have solid keywords and a firm grasp of targeting and retargeting techniques for your audience, PPC marketing can really pay off.

It takes dedicated tracking, monitoring, and reporting to optimize performance and with our comprehensive PPC campaign you’ll gain an edge over your competition while maximizing your ad spend.


Email Campaign Optimization

Content That Clicks

Email marketing is all about the customer’s journey. What are they opening, and clicking on, what pages are they visiting? Every action they take is an opportunity for you to gain their business. By optimizing your email campaign for conversions and engagement, you can subtly build relationships with consumers, and keep a line on existing customers.

We focus on building a relationship between you and your customers with engaging and exciting content to build brand loyalty. Give us a call to get started building your business with one of today’s most trusted marketing strategies.

Email Campiagns
Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Making You Look Really Good

Today, your online reputation can make or break your business. With over 70% of companies currently experiencing threats to their reputation, online reputation management (ORM) is an essential tool in modern business strategy. It is vital to maximizing your scale and success and to protecting your company from sudden and unpredictable damage.

When you establish a positive, sustainable search profile you will forge strong relationships between your customers and your community. By meticulously outlining your current search landscape we will transform online feedback into your competitive advantage.