RunDry Evaporators - Case Study


RunDry Evaporators based out of Mahwah New Jersey builds customized equipment that minimizes industrial wastewater disposal costs. Being the natural choice for many farms and manufacturing facilities, RunDry saves their clients money by evaporating wastewater rather than treating it.
RunDry Evaporators had a number of websites built over the years and each time discovered they were underperforming in Google searches. With unsuccessful in-house efforts to improve their search placement, Jungle Communications was tasked with overhauling RunDry’s marketing strategy.
RunDry Evaporator


Increase bid requests from 10 a year to 10 a month
Develop a user and Google friendly website to increase conversion rate
Optimize ad spend for maximum profit
Run Dry Evaporators


We designed a fresh, new logo and proposed creating marketing materials, such as product cut sheets to improve user experience. We designed and built an entirely new website focused on mobile responsiveness and created a sustainable content strategy. To jumpstart their digital reputation we garnered online reviews from their top clients and strategically developed case studies in their top 5 critical markets.
To gain a significant advantage over their competitors, the company received a trademark on the name RunDry Evaporators and set up a Google Adwords campaign to increase their online exposure.


With a completely revamped marketing strategy, RunDry Evaporators went from not ranking in Google search results to positioning themselves as one of the top three players in the U.S market of wastewater evaporation. By solidifying RunDry as a leader in their field we saw a 5200% increase in bid requests, going from 10 bids a year to 10 bids a week.
They saw an increase in their overall impressions and the new website proved helpful in users’ initial research into wastewater evaporators with an increase in time spent on their website. Due to trademarking the name RunDry Evaporators their biggest competitors now pay to display ads for their company when a customer searches for RunDry Evaporators.


Increase in Bid Requests

“They had a vision for what the site could be, and really pushed to create content that tells a story. The team is very trustworthy. I always had confidence that they’d do the right thing. They aren’t going to cheat you, and they’re not going to cut corners.”

Dave Lyman


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