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Jonas Chiropractic is an elite chiropractic facility based in New York specializing in treating, rehabilitating, and preventing injuries for athletes. Founder, Dr. Steven Jones, has over 30 years of experience in his field and an undeniable passion for competitive sports, so much so, he chose to take an early retirement to pursue competitive athletics as a runner. 

A few short years later, he missed the work he was doing as a chiropractor and wanted to find a way to incorporate his love of athletics with his passion for helping those with back and sport related injuries. Having previously sold his practice and retired, Dr. Jonas was going to have to build his practice from the ground up. That’s where we came in.

Through a referral from another happy client, Buttafuoco & Associates, Jungle Communications was tasked with developing, establishing and growing a whole new Jonas Chiropractic brand.


  • Grow a practice around his passion for competitive sports and his desire to help athletes
  • Build a brand he could grow and sell within 5 years
  • Establish him as a niche chiropractic practitioner for serious/competitive athletes
  • Create a brand strong enough patients would travel to him no matter the distance


  • Building a successful chiropractic practice within 5 years
  • Finding a work space his practice could grow in
  • Combating common concerns or stereotypes of chiropractic care
  • Competing against other chiropractors, and sports care facilities


The first obstacle to overcome when starting a brand from scratch is getting the name in front of people’s eyes and ears. Our goal was for every athlete in the New York area to know who Jonas Chiropractic is and what they do. We effectively did this through multiple marketing channels including television ads, local print, direct mail, special promo displays, and street teams. 

To ensure the Jonas Chiropractic brand message was consistent across all channels we also designed and developed a new website equipped to efficiently rank in SERPs and track conversions.

However, our integrated marketing approach didn’t stop there. To start foot traffic through the doors we strategically partnered with other athletic based businesses to cross-pollinate services and break the mold of typical competition barriers.

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Jonas Building


The local tv series “For Every Athlete There’s A Sport” campaign garnered millions of impressions and successfully made Jonas Chiropractic top-of-mind for athletes in the Nassau County area. The 3D free standing special promo display in a business across from the LIRR was responsible for creating the most buzz and effectively championed the Jonas Chiropractic brand in multiple locations we simply couldn’t be 24/7. 

Ultimately, within the first 90 days he was receiving 40 regular patients a week and that has since grown to 150 patients a week within 3 years. It was Dr. Jonas’ goal to retire again within 5 years of restarting his practice and we can confidently say we made that happen in 4 years and he is currently enjoying his 2nd retirement. 

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“The team at Jungle Communications are a first class advertising agency. Amazing creativity, is what sets this full service agency apart. If you need the phones to ring or need a presence in the market this is the agency that can get it done.”

– Dr. Steven Jonas

Founder, Jonas Chiropractic

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