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ImageCare Radiology Case Study

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Start With A Spectacular Headline

Igniting an impactful campaign begins with a headline that piques curiosity – a lesson we embodied in our partnership with ImageCare. With a meticulously sculpted introduction, we lay the foundation for a compelling narrative, enticing audiences to discover whats behind the message by taking action.

Empowering Change: How PINK Breast Center's Innovative Campaign is Saving Lives in Underserved Communities

PINK Breast Center, a division of ImageCare Radiology, has 22 locations in Northern and Central Jersey. As part of their advertising initiatives during Breast Cancer Awareness Month to help spread the word about the importance of yearly mammograms, they pinpointed underserved communities in New Jersey where the incidence of breast cancer was higher.
These communities, which are predominantly African American, created a unique challenge for the PINK Breast Center. According to Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, African-American women face both disproportionate exposure to breast cancer and are at the highest risk of serious impacts from the disease. In fact, African-American women have a 40% higher breast cancer mortality rate, making it the leading cause of cancer death in the U.S. for this demographic.


The goal of the ad campaign was to not only inform women in these underserved communities about the necessity and urgency of getting a mammogram, but also to let them know that for New Jersey residents aged 40 and over, the service is free. PINK Breast Center uses the latest in 3D mammography technology, allowing them to detect instances of breast cancer sooner than traditional methods and with less pain and pressure.


In underserved communities, time constraints and media consumption habits pose significant challenges. African-American women in the Boomer and Gen X age groups engage less with traditional media. Additionally, the approach of medical professionals imploring check-ups might not resonate, potentially being seen as just another task. Moreover, the concern about medical debt looms, particularly among New Jersey residents and African-Americans, potentially deterring mammograms due to financial fears.


When the team at Jungle Communications learned of the significant disparity between incidents of breast cancer (which were highest among white women) and the highest mortality rate being women of color, the strategy meant taking the message where it simply couldn’t be missed.
That’s when EverythingElseCanWait was born.
Using a combination of street teams, rolling billboards, and other media the strategy was to spread the word throughout underserved communities including East Orange, Newark, Paterson, Clifton, Jersey City, and Edison. Dressed in PINK Breast Center’s #EverythingElseCanWait t-shirts, all of the ladies on the street team were those who had personally been impacted by breast cancer, making their message even more relevant.

Community Engagement: Boots on the Ground


Mammogram Bookings Up



This novel guerrilla marketing approach, unique in an age where so many things are social and digital, allowed the team to get to the heart of the issue with a message that was loud, clear and convincing. The resulting mammogram bookings were up 300% from the previous year.

“We heard so many excellent reports from our street teams. Our volunteers embraced women with words of comfort and helped get the message out about the power of preventative care.”

– Andrea Santos-Lima

CEO – ImageCare Radiology

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