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Based in Woodbury, New York, Buttafuoco & Associates is a high power personal injury law firm, handling serious injury cases in all 50 states. Founder and senior partner, Daniel Buttafuoco has been practicing law for over 40 years and holds the title for the third highest recorded personal injury cash settlement in New York State history. What makes him personally unique are his accomplishments as a SuperLawyer, Top 100 Trial Lawyer, best selling author of Consider The Evidence and apologetic Christian speaker (legal defender of the Christian faith). 

For decades Buttafuoco & Associates allocated the majority of their marketing and advertising budget to one radio station and one print advertising outlet. While cases came in steadily their reach and qualified leads had plateaued. After initially meeting our founder, Sam Mikhail through WMCA they strengthened their 10-year friendship into a professional relationship, entrusting the renovation of his brand to Jungle Communications.

Over the course of the last 14 years, Jungle has been tasked with strategizing, creating, implementing and testing a completely new marketing strategy.


  • Improve NYC Metro reach to expand brand awareness
  • Increase market share with existing marketing budget
  • Develop better lead generation on $1,000,000+ cases
  • Expand NY based law firm to national level footprint
  • Improve strategy for tracking and measuring call volume


  • Personal injury law is a saturated market
  • New York is the most competitive PI market in the nation
  • Website has limited content and is not optimized for search results or conversions
  • The competition uses illegal marketing tactics like “ambulance chasing”


One of the first objectives was to reanalyze the current media plan and spending and determine if the budgets were being allocated in the best way to maximize overall reach. After restructuring the plan we helped the firm revamp its digital presence with a new website complete with search engine optimized (SEO) pages, a consistent content schedule, and a comprehensive email marketing strategy.

In addition to a fresh new website, we developed a suite of dedicated landing pages to more efficiently track case leads from their television, radio, email, and other marketing campaigns.

In tandem with a new marketing strategy, we launched an extensive video marketing campaign to break the perception barrier clients typically have of attorney’s by telling their backstories and their client’s experiences.

Once 2020 brought us COVID-19 we pivoted their TV and radio campaigns temporarily to focus on business interruption insurance claims because of the mandated government shutdown of all restaurants.

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Immediately we were able to take Buttafuoco & Associates’ existing marketing budget and increase their reach over 10x in the NYC-DMA by negotiating better media schedules and leveraging. new media buys. Through our custom integrated marketing strategy we were able to keep the firm’s name top of mind connecting them with even bigger cases, taking them from 2 million dollar settlements a year to 6 million dollar settlements a year and around 30 qualified case leads a week.

Through the video marketing campaign, we successfully humanized all of the attorney’s at Buttafuoco & Associates, opening doors to clients who otherwise would not have chosen to work with an attorney, increasing the firm’s referral volume.

Overall, we were able to solidify Daniel Buttafuoco’s position as the #1 Christian Personal Injury Attorney so he can continue to provide high quality representation to the general public.

“They’ve done extremely well separating me from other businesses. It’s not a cookie cutter campaign. Everything is custom-made. Their ads are highly creative.”

– Daniel P. Buttafuoco

Attorney & Founding Partner, Buttafuoco & Associates PLLC.

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