Fellowship Home Loans - Case Study


Fellowship Home Loans (FHL) is a faith-based national mortgage lender guided by honesty and integrity to provide the lowest cost possible for their clients. With over 10 years of experience in the mortgage industry this New York business lends in 30 states all across the country.
With an already strong position in Christian formatted radio stations around the United States, Fellowship Home Loans was looking to expand their overall reach to increase their closings. After being referred to Jungle Communications from another agency we were charged with renovating their marketing strategy.


  • Drive down lead acquisition costs by 50%
  • Increase conversions from social media advertising
  • Expand reach in already successful markets


  • Competing with national level mortgage lenders with exponentially higher ad budgets
  • No top-of-mind awareness in the general market audience
  • Lacking strong video content


With their average cost per lead being around $400, our first priority was to significantly lower that cost to increase ROI. Without a strong foothold in the general market audience we decided to instead use hyper-targeted digital advertising strategies incorporating Google, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram to capitalize on the success they’ve had in the Christian market.

FHL already had a strong following on social media so our main goal was to exponentially increase their conversion rates as well as their inbound loan inquiries. With an impressive overall customer experience and client reviews, we implemented a video testimonial driven social media campaign highlighting client family stories from around the country, proving why FHL has more 5 star reviews than most mortgage lenders.
In tandem with their video testimonial campaign we transformed their social media engagement to be more mortgage-minded to attract more qualified leads.


Through our strategic social media video marketing campaigns we were able to reach 1.3 million with 5.7 million impressions on Facebook alone. Fellowship Home Loans now receives around 100 mini applications per week and 100 loans a month. As a result of their increased social media presence we took their originally $400 cost per lead to just $50, resulting in an 80% decrease.

FHL has also been able to slowly expand their team over the years to support their growing client base with employees in all corners of the country.


Drop In Cost Per Lead