Complete Video Production Designed Around Your Goals



and over 500 million hours watched each day, it’s no surprise that nearly every digital distribution channel is favoring video. Our New Jersey video production specialists can take your objectives through conceptualization, storyboarding, the various phases of production, implementation, and performance tracking. In the pre-production phase, we’ll handle the casting, location scouting, art direction, and set. Post-production, we’ll polish and enhance your video with expert creative editing, color correction, sound production, motion graphics, and visual effects. Fuel your business with videos that captivate audiences, inspire action, and drive results.


Television Commercials

Connecting Your Brand To Your Audience

Thousands are watching and you have 15-60 seconds to evoke a lasting, memorable impression. Seems daunting, I know. Thankfully, we are passionate about producing television commercials because we know with the right message, music, voiceover, talent, and crew we can create a quality spot that speaks to your audience and keeps your brand top of mind for prospective customers.

Coupled with research-based media planning and buying that places your ad where – and when – it needs to be, our video production services will drive your message to the people who are most likely to respond positively to it, maximizing your ad spend and ROI.

TV Commercials
Promotional Videos

Promotional Videos

Increasing Trust & Brand Awareness

Promotional video is part of a 360º brand visibility strategy that snares viewers right from the beginning and continues to deliver impactful, entertaining, informative, and compelling content through to the end. The perfect promotional video is more than the product. It’s about the problem, the solution, and the experience.

We craft compelling promotional videos that captivate your audience, inspire meaningful action and drive results. We take the time to get to the root of your brand and create content your customers will love.


Social Media Video

Taking Your Brand Viral

Social media videos are a powerful marketing tool. With more shares (and comments, likes, and views) than text and static images combined, social video encourages engagement and propels your business into the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter limelight.

With almost 4 billion active users and the most sophisticated targeting parameters available in marketing today, the right content can take your brand from invisible to unstoppable. Our creative professionals will help you harness the power of video with fresh, engaging content that reinforces your brand message.

Social Media Video
Fundraising Videos

Fundraising Videos

Inspire Action With Video

Fundraising for socially responsible projects and organizations is arguably one of the most effective applications of video production services. Video simply connects with people in a way that text and photos can’t.

Story-driven video content compels your viewers to act by evoking an emotional response and clarifying your purpose. With a clear call to action, we craft unique fundraising videos highlighting your organization’s motivations, initiatives, and testaments, helping you promote your cause, and inspire change to achieve your fundraising goals.


I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jungle Communications on a number of video projects as a public speaker. My experience with them has been unparalleled from conception to implementation. They are an exceptional group of people who stack expertise and innovation on top of integrity.

—Dr. Joel Nunez


Corporate Videos

Achieve More with Video

Video experiences effortlessly inspire people to take action more than any other medium can. However, quality is key! Our high-quality corporate videos combat short attention spans with compelling visuals, strong voice overs, and sharp motion graphics.

The purpose of corporate videos is to make the information in the video easy, or even fun, to absorb and digest. When the information gets dry and dull, it doesn’t sink in, and when it doesn’t sink it, your marketing dollars are running right down the drain. We leverage the creative possibilities of video to wake your audience up, get them interested, and reach your goals.

Corporate Videos
Medical Videos

Medical Videos

Save lives, Change lives

Now more than ever, it’s essential to the viability of your healthcare facility to market your brand. It’s time to show your audience what you do. Tell them your “Why”! Medical videos are the best way for healthcare professionals to build trust, connect and increase awareness in their field.

We combine fresh footage of your facilities, staff, services, and real people with advanced motion graphics, strong imagery, and powerful scripting. You save lives, let us change lives with high-impact videos that resonate, and educate your audience, drawing more leads in the door.


Testimonial Videos

Seeing Is Believing

Creative testimonial videos can provide significant ROI through traffic and conversion increases by showing, rather than telling, potential customers and clients what type of experience they can expect to have with you and how they’ll benefit from the relationship.

Word of mouth is still the strongest, most credible form of marketing. Seeing someone with a similar problem experience success can convince even the biggest skeptic to take the next step with your product or service. We will capture authentic, cinematic customer testimonial videos from your most enthusiastic customers to increase brand awareness and inspire action.

Testimonial Videos
Animation Videos

Animation Videos

Serving Endless Possibilities

People of every age are drawn to animation, pun intended. In the digital jungle that is online marketing, animation video cuts through the chaos to grab attention and get your message across to the right people.

Your business has a story to tell and with animation, the possibilities are endless. We curate highly immersive video experiences that resonate and more importantly, engage with your target audience. Video strategy, like any marketing effort, is ongoing and our professionals can fully execute that strategy. Let’s start creating something great together!


Live Event/Livestream Video

An Eye For Excellence

For live event video productions, you only have one shot to do it right so you’re going to need a seasoned team who’s ready to capture the perfect moment. Our passion for the art of photography and videography drives us to produce high quality production that captures the essence of our client’s vision.

As your go-to event video agency, we own some of the industry’s most advanced video recording equipment so we’ll be in place ready to catch all the action when the presentations begin.

Livestream Live Event Videos