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Animation Videos for Business

People of every age are drawn to animation, pun intended. In the digital jungle that is online marketing, animation video cuts through the chaos to grab attention and get your message across to the right people. Jungle Communications is the NJ animation video team that can transform your product promotion, explanation, demo, or virtually any brand message into captivating, entertaining, and understandable animation.

Why use animation videos for marketing?

Animation has the unique ability to take a complex concept and make it easy to digest and retain. There’s a reason every preschool preparation video series is animated. By removing the unnecessary details and clutter, we can make a single, powerful statement that sticks. As your audience flips through their feed, they could be watching your video and learning about your brand, your products, your mission, or your promotion.
  • 2D animation videos
  • 3D animation videos
  • Stop-motion animation videos
  • Explained videos
  • Teaching videos
  • Whiteboard animation
  • Motion graphic animation
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Email open rates increase by 25% when the subject line contains the word “video”.
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