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Email Marketing

According to 73% of millennials, email is still the preferred channel for receiving updates from brands. Today, 99% of people open their email every day, so as long as you have a well-planned campaign with compelling subject lines and content, you’ll not only get your email opened, but you’ll see it convert too.

Optimizing Your Email Marketing Campaign for ROI

Strategy and development are essential to an effective email marketing campaign because every detail matters. Your subject line has to be the right length and the right words to get people to click. Your visual and textual messaging has to get them to convert. Integration increases your chances of immediate and future conversion and proper management keeps your campaign on track and in line with consumer behavior and research.

Email Marketing Services

  • Email Strategy
  • Email Development
  • Email Creative
  • Email Audits
  • Email Integration
  • Email Management
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35% of marketers send their customers 3-5 emails per week.
"I've had the incredible privilege of working with Sam and his team on a number of projects. Jungle's ability to conceptualize, build, and execute a project is unmatched. Their creativity, hard work, and devotion shows in every piece they touch. I look forward to our next project!"
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EMAIL Marketing Faqs

Email marketing is strategically using emails to promote services or products and build relationships with potential customers or clients while maintaining current relationships with loyal customers.
To start doing email marketing you need to define your audience, establish your goals, create a landing page to capture leads, make a schedule and start measuring your results.
There are multiple ways to grow your email lists no matter if you’re starting from scratch or have been in the game for years. For example, you can create a new lead-gen offer, encourage subscribers to forward your emails, utilize social media, and create bonus content.
Using email marketing is a great way to build and strengthen relationships with potential clients or customers. By speaking with them directly in their inbox you have the chance to broadcast your brand at their convenience and create a friendly, personable brand your audience can relate to.
Email marketing can increase business sales in various ways through strategic marketing campaigns. The most common are welcome emails, automated emails based on customer behavior and incentive emails. Each of these strategies are a sure way to engage your list and drive business sales.