Alliance for the Peace of Jerusalem - Case Study


The Alliance for the Peace of Jerusalem (APJ) is an organization of key faith leaders, scholars, authors, and pastors, dedicated to facilitating a better public understanding of the complexities of the Middle East. Together with Chosen People Ministries (CPM), a Messianic Jewish nonprofit organization headquartered in New York City, decided to honor the fallen and their families of those who perished on 9/11 twenty years ago.
On the 20th anniversary of the tragedy, APJ and CPM had a vision of gathering thousands of people (in-person and virtually) to remember those who have passed, worship a God of hope, and recognize the powerful and binding connections between New York City and Jerusalem.
Through previous work with Dr. Mitch Glaser of Chosen People Ministries, Jungle Communications was drawn into conversations about making this vision a reality and quickly joined the team.


  • Rally believers around what God has done in the last 20 years
  • Provide an event to encourage and uplift believers


  • Organize a large scale event safely amidst a pandemic
  • Coordinate speakers for the event for two days
  • Design an event that remains flexible to last minute changes


After initially being approached to promote and co-produce a hybrid event for the Alliance For The Peace of Jerusalem in the midst of the pandemic, we got to work immediately. The event promised to be a powerful discussion on the last 20 years, the current state of affairs in Jerusalem, and how critically important these two cities are to God.
Jungle Communications started by creating a targeted Google Ad and Youtube Ad campaign using promotional videos created by the Alliance For The Peace of Jerusalem. At the same time we coordinated radio interviews with Dr. Mitch Glaser of Chosen People Ministries to increase visibility for the event. Throughout the planning stages we also offered marketing guidance and consulting to the other teams involved to ensure a cohesive campaign.
Most importantly, Jungle Communications worked hard to bring together a panel of clergy/frontline workers who were at ground zero in the hours, weeks, and months following the attacks.
On the days of the event, Jungle Communications took on the task of managing the livestream from start to finish.

Friday Evening Livestream

Saturday Livestream


Over 40,000 people tuned in to watch and listen to The 9/11 and The New Middle East conference and over 120 people joined in-person both days. We solidified an eclectic group of speakers including Anne Graham Lotz, Joel C. Rosenberg, Dr. Darrell Bock, Tom and JoAnn Doyle, Dr. Michael Rydelnik, Dr. Mitch Glaser, Marty Goetz and Misha and Frontline workers.
Believers from all backgrounds and corners of the world joined in to honor those who lost their lives 20 years ago and see the New Middle East through the lens of scripture. The two days of the conference were a time of reflection, music and prayer unifying the Christian community and sharing the love of God.


Online Viewers

“We’ve worked with Jungle longer than my career. When APJ was putting this together we knew to get this promoted in the tristate area we needed to work with Jungle because we’ve just had so much success in previous campaigns. There was no doubt we were going to work with Jungle.”

– Abraham Vazquez

Director of Digital Media for The Alliance For The Peace of Jerusalem