Historical Bible Society - Case Study


Historical Bible Society is a non-profit charitable organization formed for the preservation of ancient scripture, dissemination of scripture and to promote the daily reading and engagement with the Bible by people everywhere. Functioning as a traveling Bible museum the Historical Bible Society contains a collection of books and manuscripts that spans nearly one thousand years. The founder, prominent attorney Daniel Buttafuoco tours with the collection to present a legal case for the Bible’s credibility and evidence for the Bible’s reliability.

Since its inception in 2004, the Historical Bible Society relied mostly on word of mouth recommendations from pastors, and occasionally emails or posts on Facebook to generate event leads. With a majority of the events focused in the Northeast United States, Daniel Buttafuoco wanted to expand his reach beyond his corner of the country.
Jungle Communications was tasked with revitalizing their marketing plan and securing events across the country.





  • Dramatically increase exposure across all relevant marketing channels
  • Publish and promote Daniel Buttafuoco’s book “Consider The Evidence”
  • Plan and book a multi-city tour to present the HBS collection.
HBS at Kings College
HBS at Nyack College


  • Overcoming pastors’ reluctance to let a lawyer speak in the pulpit
  • Safely traveling with ancient books and manuscripts
  • Reaching more attendees but limiting the number of actual presentations


To drive HBS online presence, we designed and developed a brand new world-class website focused on educating, informing and converting visitors into ambassadors. We revamped all HBS marketing collateral with bookmarks people actually wanted, resources they would want to read and share to fill the booths at Christian workshops and pastor targeted events. After building an arsenal of great content, our team developed “10-Minute Apologetics” a bi-weekly email that attendees enthusiastically signed up for, read and were glad to share. 

While touring with the traveling Bible museum we published and promoted his book, “Consider The Evidence”, as a testament to his unique position as both a man of the law and a man of faith. We also utilized his talents as a phenomenal public speaker to film a DVD at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) in North Carolina for worldwide distribution.

HBS at City Hill books


The Historical Bible Society has been touring for over 10 years visiting more than 50 churches and universities all across the country. Preaching to well over 10,000 people, each one of these events was met with amazing responses impacting people’s lives by restoring their faith in the bible and in God.
The DVD we produced at BGEA was distributed all over the world, securing Christian connections for the Historical Bible Society well past the borders of the Northeast United States. Through strategic promotion of his book “Consider The Evidence” it topped the charts as a #1 best seller on Amazon, selling out twice. To this day we continue to readjust and restructure the Historical Bible Society’s marketing strategy to pivot towards virtual events so we can safely promote the belief in the bible.

“In addition to providing great marketing strategy and support for Historical Bible Society, the team at Jungle are the total package. They are my ministry partners and building this organization with them has been an absolute pleasure.”

– Daniel P. Buttafuoco

Attorney & Founder, Historical Bible Society

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