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how-to guide to video production
Jordan Mikhail

A Complete How-To Guide To Video Production

The Demand for Watchable/Consumable Media It’s no secret videos are perhaps THE most influential and compelling medium — today’s most popular choice for content consumption. Nothing seems to capture people’s attention and hold their interest as much as good quality

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Global Chip Shortage
Sam Mikhail

The Global Chip Shortage: What’s Going On?

In July, Sony delayed the launch of a new camera, citing chip availability concerns. The idea of one of the world’s largest electronics companies postponing something like that at a few days’ notice is pretty extraordinary — to say the

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Leslie Victori

A Beginner’s Guide To Interviewing On Camera

Your role as an interviewer is essential to every aspect of filming, from making your subject feel comfortable to the timely editing process that comes later. In most cases, you will be sitting down with someone with no experience as

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