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Social Media Advertising

In 2020, Facebook and Instagram each had over 1 billion active monthly users. Combined with an incredibly refined ad targeting system, this social media audience presents the most lucrative advertising opportunity in the world. Not only is the audience present, but it’s also ready to buy. Over 15% of social media users say they shop on Facebook. Bring your business to this premium audience with professional and effective social media advertising.

A/B Testing

A lot of business owners struggle with A/B testing. It’s a simple concept – you run two different ads and see which works better – but it gets complicated when there are multiple variables between the ads. You can see which one is performing better, but why is it performing better, and what needs to be changed on the other ad to improve performance? Our NJ social media advertising agency has the experience to execute effective A/B testing that will optimize your ad campaigns for conversion.

Targeting Capacity

Social media provides the most targeted advertising capabilities the commercial world has ever seen. You can define your audience demographic, behavior, history, and more. By zeroing in on a narrow audience with the highest likelihood of conversion, we can minimize your ad spend while maximizing your returns. Contact us today to schedule a call.
  • Ad creative
  • Development
  • Optimization
  • Monitoring
  • Campaign strategy
  • A/B testing
  • Campaign reporting
  • Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn advertising
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About 42% of the population uses social media.
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Bryan St. Peters
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