What Could Your Business Do With a Higher Return on Ad Spend?


Amateur marketers often make the mistake of assuming radio marketing is dead when, in fact, there are millions of listeners in New Jersey alone. A well-executed radio campaign can convey your brand personality, increase your traffic and revenue, build customer loyalty, and promote your products and services at a lower cost compared to other advertising media. Reach a local or national business or consumer audience with direct response advertising and/or branding that’s customized for you from start to finish.

Radio Advertising Services

Our Hudson County full-service radio advertising agency provides scriptwriting, media planning and media buying, radio promotion advertising, and live broadcast planning. Professional media planning and media buying services ensure that your radio advertisement is on the right station at the right time to be heard by your target audience, the people most likely to give a positive response, ensuring maximum ROI. Call Jungle Communications today to schedule a discovery meeting.
  • AM/FM radio advertising
  • Satellite radio advertising
  • Streaming advertising
  • Podcast advertising
Did you know


92% of Americans listen to radio every week.
"We appreciate your agency's expertise, local influence and advice throughout the Harvest Long Island campaign."
Bryan St. Peters
Marketing Director, Harvest Ministries/Greg Laurie Ministries