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Outdoor, large format advertising is often cost-prohibitive for small businesses that could benefit from local visibility and marketing. The higher an area’s population, the more expensive the billboards, so some companies can only afford to advertise to small communities. Fleet graphics and vehicle wraps provide the same level of visibility, memorability, and “wow” factor without the hefty price grab and a recurring ad spend. The only trick is to get a high-quality wrap that’s appealing to your audience, so you don’t end up replacing your wrap too quickly or representing your wrap with worn-out graphs.

Vehicle Graphic Design ROI

Our full-service marketing agency designs, develops, fabricates, and installs your vehicle wraps and fleet graphics by combining your services in one location. You can save your marketing dollar for the next campaign or more vehicles, more brand awareness, and more conversions. Colors, materials, and pricing are continuing to improve due to the significant increase in demand caused by COVID-19, which means you can get an even greater return than you could even a year ago.
  • Creative development
  • Project management
  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • Installation
  • Cars, buses, trucks, RVs, trailers
Did you know


A single-vehicle wrap can get up to 80,000 views per day.
"Big thanks to our friends over at Jungle for the great job they did on our company rebranding. We’re so excited about the new look they developed for JB Cleaning Services and I'm thrilled to say that we got a new client on the very first day we rolled out our newly wrapped company vehicle!"
Taryn Bennardo
JB Cleaning