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success stories speak for themselves

Creative testimonial videos can provide significant ROI through traffic and conversion increases by showing, rather than telling, potential customers and clients what type of experience they can expect to have with you and how they’ll benefit from the relationship. In recruiting, employee testimonial videos can dramatically improve your reputation as an employer and bring in a larger and higher-class talent pool than before.

How does testimonial video production work?

We’ll guide you through the identification of customers, employees, or patients who have had a good experience with your company and are willing and able to share their stories on camera. Then we’ll conduct pre-interviews to narrow down the pool and research each story with guided conversation to ensure the best possible results. Because these are your most valued customers and employees, we design the process to be 100% comfortable and rewarding for them.
  • Customer testimonial video
  • Employee testimonial video
  • Patient testimonial video
  • On-camera testimonial video
  • Portrait testimonial video
  • B2B client testimonials
  • Product testimonials
  • Peer testimonials
  • Long-form testimonial videos
  • Mash-up testimonial videos
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Customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for content marketing at 89%.
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"The website is professional in every aspect: design, functionality, wording and much more. Gross sales are up over 500%!"
Dave Lyman
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