Experiential Marketing

Marketing Specialists Creating Unique Brand Experiences

Experiential Marketing

A mind-blowing 85% of consumers are likely to buy something after participating in experiential marketing (when it’s properly executed). Our Jersey City marketing team can generate active participation from your target audience while promoting your brand’s message and creating long-term value.

What is experiential marketing?

Experiential marketing captivates audiences and fuels the creation of positive, lasting memories by engaging the senses in immersive, real-life experiences. It’s not a single event or activity, but a long-term strategy for getting consumers to interact with your brand. This memorable, participation-centered marketing is proven to drive brand loyalty that will provide value now and far into the future.

Experiential Marketing Services

  • Strategy development
  • Market research
  • Buyer persona creation
  • Creative development
  • KPI development and measurement
  • Brand activation
  • Campaign deployment and management 
Did you know


70% of consumers become repeat customers after an experiential marketing event.
"Sam and his team are true professionals. They know the business cold, and know exactly what to do to help your business succeed. They are very personable, friendly, easy to talk to and honest!!!"
Mark Freeley
Buttafuoco & Associates


Experiential marketing is a marketing technique that aims to fully immerse a consumer in a brand experience. Typically experientially marketing consists of product sampling, events and stunts in order to directly interact with target consumers.
Experiential marketing is important because it’s non-traditional. Through this fully immersible tactic consumers receive an authentic brand experience which helps them vividly remember your brand.
An experiential marketing agency is an agency with significant experience taking a brand and creating unique, and interesting experiences for target consumers to immerse themselves in, in order to increase brand recognition, cultivate brand loyalty and drive sales.
Experiential marketing can cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. The amount spent on an experiential marketing campaign depends on the overall marketing budget, and the goals you have for your business. For example, larger campaigns like HBO’s escape room have larger budgets to meet the demand of their audience and smaller campaigns like product samplings will have smaller budgets to reach their desired audience.
Yes, experiential marketing can be measured. Depending on the campaign you can measure its success through social media impressions throughout the duration of the event, leads capture through forms or attendance, and the amount of products sold or distributed for example. To effectively measure success, KPIs should be chosen before the event to measure both general and specific goals.