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Sam Mikhail

Smart Marketers Need to Look Beyond Smartphones

Smartphones have become so embedded in our lives we forget how new they are. The iPhone was only introduced in 2007, and none of its competitors are much older. It’s true – humanity somehow managed to persevere for thousands of

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Tasha Mitchell

How Customer Reviews Can Help Grow Your Business

In a very competitive online marketplace, it can be incredibly difficult for businesses to stand out. This is where customer reviews come in. When satisfied customers write positive reviews about your products or services, your business can attract new customers.

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Naadu Blankson-Seck

Old Ways Still Work For 21st Century Customers

What would become Target’s signature bullseye first took seed near the turn of the 20th century, when the Dayton Dry Goods Company was founded. Mass and depth are probably apt descriptors of the company’s measured strategy, which a century later

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