6 Tips to Effectively Engage your Tribe

So you have brand awareness, but are you effectively engaging and building lasting connections with your tribe? When you combine the concepts of a “tribe” – a group of like-minded individuals who make up a community – and marketing (well, you know what that is), you create a powerful tool that deeply connects with your brand’s unique customer base. The idea is to make your brand the facilitator of the conversation that you want consumers to join in on. So how do you attract and keep these consumers around? Well tribal marketing is more of an art than a science, but the main thing to remember is that a tribe focuses on the relationship between it and its members, not just the specific brand or product. Here are 6 tips to engage your tribe.

1. Lead with purpose

Have a clear purpose of “why” and what you are selling. It’s important to appeal to the unique ties that bind your tribe and to create content that is both valuable to them and positions your business as a leader within it. Market the unique elements of your brand.

2. Learn how your tribe interacts

The trick is to find out what motivates these groups, what are they talking about? Research from the University of Royal Holloway revealed that many tribes on Twitter have their own “language”, so studying their online interaction overall will help you to tailor your brand messages, making them relevant and native to your audience.

3. Tailor your message

Identifying which channels will be most effective for your messages is imperative in achieving success with your tribes. Perhaps set up a quick survey designed for the groups you would most like to target to understand which channels they use so your business can achieve maximum engagement.

4. Focus on their needs

As humans, our quest in life is to be seen, heard, understood, and appreciated. These elements are crucial to creating authentic relationships with your consumers. Personalized interactions are treasured, so simply listening and responding to customer feedback (in a timely manner) shows your interest and that you care about their business. These small gestures are key in today’s market to effectively engage your tribe. 

5. Create a platform for your brand defenders

Give your customers a way to share their excitement with your brand and make it visible to the masses. The power of your customer’s voice in the marketplace comes second to none when acquiring new customers. You should always provide customers with the tools, incentives, and opportunities to promote what’s special to them about what you do. They not only want to help you improve, but they want to be involved in the journey. These gestures, when done correctly, will surely help build connections and deepen relationships between your customers and your brand.

6. Evolve with your tribe

It’s important to remember, no tribe is ‘stagnant’. People’s views and opinions are constantly changing and it’s likely that the original tribe you began targeting may split into smaller ‘micro-tribes’. You need to be aware of this possibility and evaluate what the future consumer landscape will look like. How? You can analyze trends related to demographics, lifestyle, and economic factors, then hone-in and use metrics to capture these trends with concrete data. For example, the percentage of consumers who own smartphones would be a quantifiable metric.

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