The Importance of Making Connections In The Small Moments

The business world is often played up to be all about larger than life scenarios where meetings and connections are made in big skyscraper offices or clandestine backrooms. But the truth of it is that the most important meetings in business often occur in the small moments that happen everyday.

In our blog, A Roadmap for Finding the Right Marketing Agency for Your Business, one of the tips we shared was verifying the company’s track record. We recommended looking at their case studies, portfolio, metrics, and analytics as proof of their abilities. A leading business worth their name should have all of that available for their clients to look over.

However, another way that companies find and verify the work of prospective partners is through personal relationships and interactions. For many individuals it never occurs to them that business owners could find the best people to work with in areas beyond professional channels. But thanks to two of our previous projects we’ve demonstrated something very important about making real connections in small moments.

Our first client is a radio station in New Jersey that needed to grow their audience and contacted us to handle their marketing. The remarkable part of the story is that they didn’t find us because of our work. They found us because our Founder, Sam Mikhail, who used to work for a group of radio stations over 15 years ago and gave us a chance based on his past rapport with them.

Jungle Review from Star 99.1

Our second client had a similar story. They were a nonprofit religious organization that needed a hand in spreading their message in the New York City area. With NYC ad costs being the top in the nation, our client needed to know that their marketing dollars would be stretched as much as possible. Once again, they didn’t find us through any official channels.

It just so happened that one of their directors worked very closely with Sam in one of his previous positions and again made a lasting impression on them. He was the first person they thought of working with when he founded Jungle Communications, Inc. in 2005 and our team has helped this NYC focused outreach flourish into an on-going global campaign.

Everything we do in life has an effect on the people around us. We have no idea what it might be, but it’s almost inevitable that they will come around and affect us in return. These stories remind us that big things often come from small moments and impressions. It’s important to consistently sow the seeds of what produces long-lasting relationships: honesty, integrity, dependability, and respect, in all our dealings.

Serving clients well, often produces greater results and dividends for years to come.

Let’s get started building on your previous successes to reach the next level. Fill out our contact form and talk to us. We’re the team that will listen to you and make sure your vision becomes reality.

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  1. Thank you for the Blog. I couldn’t agree more about connecting with people. On a big scale, of course there is power in numbers, but you can’t ignore a single person, or small group of people, just as they may seem “small” because it is that same person or group who you ultimately really need to make your dream, project, or goal come to fruition. When you have a strong connection with one, it could lead to endless possibilities. It’s the whole point of losing the tree for the forest, so focus on what’s in front of you, a.k.a. the 1 person in front of you and from there you may be surprised how organically and naturally you grow your reach, connections, and influence.

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