Corporate Video

Complete Video Production Designed Around Your Goals

Any video produced by an organization or corporation can be considered a corporate video, and there are a ton of ways you can harness the power of video to advance your brand’s visibility, convey a strong message, build relationships, communicate value, and instill knowledge. As a New Jersey corporate video production company, we have the skills and the tech to make your corporate video work for you.

Why are corporate videos important?

The primary function of corporate videos is to make the information in the video easy, or even fun, to absorb and digest. When the information gets dry and dull, it doesn’t sink in, and when it doesn’t sink it, your marketing dollars are running right down the drain. We leverage the creative possibilities of video to wake your audience up, get them interested, and reach your goals.
  • Investor relations video
  • Community relations/partnerships video
  • Company profile video
  • Internal communication video
  • Branding video
  • Industrial video
  • Conference video
  • Recruitment video
  • Corporate employee training video
  • Social responsibility video
  • Live event broadcasting
Did you know


Only 20% of people will read text while 80% of people will watch a video with the exact same content.
"We appreciate your agency's expertise, local influence and advice throughout the Harvest Long Island campaign."
Bryan St. Peters
Harvest:Greg Laurie