What Could Your Business Do With a Higher Return on Ad Spend?

NJ Remnant Advertising

At the beginning of the day, the fruit at a fruit stand is full price. By the end of the day, the same fruit, just as fresh, is available for much lower rates. That’s remnant advertising. It answers the question, “Why pay more when you don’t have to?” 

By lowering your ad spend without sacrificing the quality of your advertising campaigns, our New Jersey remnant advertising firm can increase your overall ROI and your revenue, thus allowing you to grow your business.

Why Remnant Advertising?

Remnant advertising is basically cheap ad space. The benefit of cheap ad space is that it allows your business to test various channels and get a fee for the returns before diving in and buying premium ad spaces. 

In reducing your marketing costs, you’re also improving your returns. Start seeing results sooner than later by calling us for a discovery meeting today.

  • Remnant Radio Advertising

  • Remnant TV Advertising

  • Remnant Print Advertising

  • Remnant Billboard Advertising

  • Remnant Outdoor Advertising

  • Remnant Transit Advertising

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You Can Get Can Media Spots 40-70% The Normal Rate
"I have used Jungle Communications for a number of projects over the years. Sam and his team are professional and deliver a great service at a fair price. They have helped us in marketing campaigns from design to implementation. They understand both the market place and how to get their clients the best value for their buck. They are my go to people in the Metro NYC area."
Dr. Dave Watson
Calvary Chapel