Video Marketing

Marketing for Businesses That Mean Business

If you’re not taking advantage of professional video marketing in 2021, you’re already behind. Video is currently consumers’ favorite media format with over 5 billion videos being watched every day on YouTube alone. Consumers want video and they respond to video. Our NJ video production agency can get your video online with excellent results to put you back in front of the competition.

What is video marketing?

Most strong marketing campaigns incorporate video. It can be customer testimonials, live event clips, instructional videos, product demonstrations, explainers, corporate training, entertainment, or anything else that brings value to your viewers and delivers your message. It boosts both your conversion rates and your SEO, meaning there will be more people viewing your pages and more of them will be converted. Those of you who studied math know traffic x conversion = revenue. Call Jungle Communications to get our New Jersey video marketing team started on your video production today.

Video Production Process

  • Set clear objectives and define success
  • Research audience and market
  • Decide core messages
  • Develop creative idea and story
  • Script and storyboard
  • Film, animate, and edit
  • Measure success

Video Marketing Service Categories

  • Corporate videos
  • Promotional videos
  • Testimonial videos
  • Television commercials
  • Social media videos
  • Fundraising videos
  • Medical videos
  • Live event streaming and summaries
  • Animation videos
Did you know


Videos are the #1 way consumers discover new brands.
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Kaz Ortiz
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