New Year, New Stunts

Every year we are all forced to take time and reflect on our past year and many create resolutions for the New Year. The most common among these are to get healthy and fit but can also range to taking more time to travel or getting better organized. 

Whatever your resolution is – most likely there’s a product or service that can help you reach and maintain your personal commitment. The best advertisers seek to market towards consumers with resolutions with deals and steals that promise them a successful New Year. 

Although not as emotional and heartwarming as our favorite Christmas ads, here is a collection of past and present New Year’s marketing stunts that proved to be highly effective.

Reebok New Year, New Gear

Who doesn’t love new stuff going into the New Year? Besides a cute rhyming tactic, Reebok plays on many people’s resolution to get more fit. In fact, according to a Nielsen survey 35% of people making New Year’s resolutions decided they would get healthy. 

Reebok, being a major player in the sports gear industry takes advantage of this new audience of consumers offering them the best and newest gear to get fit in.

Planet Fitness "Bring on the New Year" New Year Deal

Right under “getting fit” for the new year losing weight is the second most common resolution people make. Many gyms experience a massive influx of new members in the New Year. For the consumer anxious to lose weight they may experience the dilemma of deciding which of the many gyms to start a membership with. 

In 2017, Planet Fitness resolved this dilemma with their “Bring on the New Year” deal where their membership costs started at only $1 enrollment fee and then $10 a month with no commitment. Planet Fitness prides itself on their Judge free zone that attracts many first-time gym members but this steal they offered for the New Year is sure to seal the deal.

STA Travel - Where Will the New Year Take You?

As the world’s largest booking student and youth traveling company, STA Travel has launched a few teasers for the New Year. On social media STA posted a few alluring travel spots with the caption “where will the New Year take you?”. As approximately 15% of New Year’s aspirants make the resolution to travel more, it’s fitting that this leading travel booking company would launch a few teasers and deals. 

For 2019 STA has compiled a Wanderlist of the trendiest spots to travel for the new year and launched a lottery competition for a chance to win $250 of travel. As their tagline promises- whatever your adventure, it starts right here.

Rifle Paper Company - New Year Gift Guide

This marketing stunt differs from the others as most holiday ad campaigns run from Christmas to New Year but Rifle Paper Co’s gift guide is actually a Post-New Year promotion. With close to 20% of New Year’s resolutions being to “get organized” this sale is perfect. 

The New Year Gift Guide offers ideas and products to help with organization including planners, journals, calendars, keychains (maybe you wanna misplace your keys less for the New Year) and more. With these items on sale for 15% off and this promotion running well into the New Year it is sure to be effective and highly attractive for newly organized aspirants.

"Boxing Makes You Bigger" — Everlast

This ad launched in the New Year of 2011 and even though it did not emphasize a New Year’s deal specifically it fits well with the 15% of resolutionists who wish to pick up a new hobby. The ad is simple but powerful- the 90-second clip follows a young boxer who proves to have much talent. 

We watch him train and win competitions and with less than a minute left of the ad, the young boxer and his little brother encounter a mugger who tells him to “give”. The young boxer loosens his fist, gives him money from his pocket and the mugger runs away. 

The little brother asks “Why didn’t you beat him up?” to which he answers “he is hungry” the music starts up again and the scene transitions to a black screen that reads “Boxing makes you bigger”. The message is powerful- Knowing how to fight does not make you a fighter, knowing when to fight does. This Everlast commercial is meant to inspire consumers to pick up this new hobby with the help of their gear that promises “greatness is within”.

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