Out-Of-Home Advertising: Best Practices You Must Know

The best way to get your business and brand out in public is to advertise with out-of-home advertisements. Out-of-home advertising introduces your brand to a large number of consumers with one medium – expanding your reach and revenue.

This method of advertising continues to remain one of the most effective traditional mediums of advertising and continues to mature with the evolution of technological progression.

What is Out-of-Home Advertising?

Out-of-home advertising—or OOH—is an efficient marketing strategy utilized by brands, businesses, and advertisers. This type of advertising can also be known as outdoor advertising.

Out-of-home advertisements capture the attention of individuals, in real-time, outside their homes. By adding OOH ads to your marketing funnel, your brand can target customers at their leisure while they are commuting to their destination.

How to Use OOH Advertising for Your Business?

When incorporating this advertising approach into your marketing tactics, it’s important to determine the level of specificity you want your ad to have.

Consider if you’re introducing a new product, promoting an upcoming event, or aiming to inform and boost brand recognition. Once you determine your objective, you can then create your out-of-home strategy.

Next, consider the geographic market you’re looking to reach. Is it a specific community, or a state, or is it a regional/national campaign you are planning to target?

When it comes to your outdoor media advertising, the cost and location can play a significant impact role in your planning. Achieving the right gross rating points (GRPs) is crucial. GRPs are calculated by multiplying market reach percentage with exposure frequency. Media planners aim to achieve a minimum of 120 GRPs.

The final element to consider is the creative. Here at Jungle, our award-winning media and design professionals can handle your creatives for you (we would be more than happy to assist you with your OOH advertising needs).

Next, we need to determine if OOH ads are effective.

Effectiveness of OOH Advertisements

According to reports from the Out of Home Advertising Association of America and Morning Consult survey, about 88% of US adults take notice of outdoor ads and are likely to engage with the advertisement.

Consider this scenario: you’re working on your computer and don’t want any distractions, so you activate your popup blocker and switch to incognito mode.

Although it’s possible to avoid numerous outdoor ads, it’s not advisable to attempt to do so while driving. Outdoor advertisements remain a cost-effective method and a dependable type of advertisement because they cannot be simply switched off like popup ads.

When passing by billboards (static or digital) consumers cannot help but notice this type of ad, as that is their primary purpose. These ads can be encountered multiple times in various locations, whether they are static billboards or digital displays.

Types of OOH Advertisements

Now that we’ve mentioned the effectiveness of OOH ads, it is important to acknowledge the different types of OOH ads on the market. Here are some of the most recognized forms of outdoor ads.

Static/Vinyl Billboards Ads

Source: Wow Media

Mobile Billboard Ads

Source: Jungle Communications

Wallscape/Buildingscapes Ads

Source: OOH Today

Digital Billboards

Source: OOH Today

Posters Ads

Source: OOH Today

Bus Shelters, Street Furniture or Kiosks Ads

Source: Billboards Australia

Train Station and Taxi Ads

Source: OOOA

Airport and Transportation Hub Ads

Source: OneScreen

Advantages of OOH Ads – tHE pROS

As the world of commerce continues to trade brick-and-mortar for online purchases, knowing how to implement the strengths of outdoor advertising campaigns is essential, and here are some of the pros:


Out-of-home advertising enables your brand or business to reach more potential consumers at a lower cost per ad impression. OOH advertisements are one of the most affordable and attainable types of media. Businesses are able to put their brand in front of their target audiences without maxing out their budget.

Specific Locations

Source: Commarts

One of the great advantages of outdoor advertising is the ability to target specific placements in proximity to a business or other location. Want to drive more traffic to your business location? Place a billboard advertisement outside of your business to show consumers you are open and ready for business.

Great Visibility

OOH ads cast a wide net with a large number of potential consumers. Digital signage and static billboards, for example, are powerful form of outdoor ads for a large amount of real estate that promotes a brand.

According to The Arbitron National In-Car Study, 71% of drivers look at billboards while commuting, exhibiting that billboard can put you in front of over a thousand eyes each day.

Market Diversity

Inclusivity is a key element for most marketing campaigns in today’s age. To be inclusive is to be noticed. OOH ads are considered to be the most diverse media medium in the advertising industry.

Unlike other mediums, out-of-home ads are accessible to anyone, these types of ads are not limited to just drivers. The exposure of OOH grants brands the opportunity to cross-market.


If you want to stay on top-of-mind awareness with your consumers, OOH ads are the best type of medium to include in your marketing campaign. For example, according to OAAA and Morning Consult’s recent survey, 68% of adults notice outdoor ads that are closely located or outside of a store.

What does this mean for businesses? Outdoor advertisements can influence consumers to make an instant decision. Staying top-of-mind for consumers can make a lasting impression.

Disadvantages of OOH Ads—The Cons

After discussing the advantages of OOH ads, let’s take a look at some of the drawbacks to consider for OOH ads.

Limited Focus

It is crucial to consider optimizing the location, time, and ad creation according to your target audience and niche. To these factors, the OOH ad campaign should revolve around how to convey the message through a billboard that would resonate with consumers. Don’t try to target and impress everyone, try to make an impact on those who will engage with your OOH advertisement.

Consumer Contempt

In some communities, consumers see outdoor advertising as visual pollution and may become contemptuous towards a brand or business. These feelings can subsequently be shifted toward your products or services. It is important to stand out from the crowd and dare to be different, this will impact how consumers respond to your ad.

Difficult to Measure

Since there is no direct way of gauging how many impressions you get in a day or week, OOH ads can be challenging to determine your success rate. Here are some good ways to measure your ads.

  • QR Codes

  • Custom URL clicks

  • Custom phone numbers

  • Hashtags

Consumer Apathy

Many people turn a blind eye to ads, which can subsequently render your ad ineffective in the long run. Consumers can potentially avoid this for numerous reasons – most businesses can avoid consumer apathy by separating their business from the competition and implementing a different approach.

Trends in OOH Advertising

In the world of OOH advertising, there are trends that create excitement around new products or businesses and leave a lasting impression on consumers. Using this medium, brands capitalize on these ongoing trends – of course – with their own flare. Some well-known out-of-home advertising trends from recent years include:

Digital Out-of-Home Advertising (DOOH)

Digital out-of-home advertising or DOOH has become one of the most engaging types of medium for consumers. DOOH allows brands to connect with consumers through digital screens with its vibrant display of motion graphics.

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality drastically enhanced how consumers interact with ads. Consumers now have access to virtually interact with products with the compelling advancements of technology – like ads in the Meta. With this new trend, consumers are allowed to virtually try on and explore the features before they buy.

3D Billboards

Used by Samsung, Coach, and Nike, 3D billboards introduce a refreshing method of standing out from the competition using optical illusions, presenting consumers with the impression idea the content is jumping out of frame.

Storytelling in Media

OOH ads can take advantage of telling a story, which draws customers into the journey itself versus simply the product or services.

Multiple Ad Placements

More than one outdoor ad can gain additional consumer attention and increase brand awareness tenfold, covering all geolocation bases in a specific area—or across the country.

Are OOH Ads Right for My Business?

Out-of-home advertisements are one of the most effective media mediums for your target audience. With various types of OOH, technological advancements drastically improve how consumers interact with ads and allow your brand to stay on top-of-mind awareness. This dynamic media medium is also cost-effective.

Jungle Communications is here to assist businesses in optimizing their ad budget with the power of OOH ads. To determine if OOH ads are suitable tools for your business, we recommend implementing these four steps:

Define Your Message

What kind of message do you plan to convey to your target audience? What impression do you wish to create among your customers? Create a concise yet impactful message that you want to communicate to your consumers.

Create a Call to Action

Specify the desired consumer interaction for your ad. Choose between a vanity phone number or URL. Create a compelling call to action for your outdoor ad that will encourage consumers to engage with it.

Specify Your Target Audiences

Understanding your target audience is crucial. Have you determined the specific group of consumers you want to reach? It’s important to keep in mind the demographics of your target audience. Once you have identified your target audience, you can conduct research to locate the ideal advertising platform for reaching them.

Find a Location

As we mentioned before, it’s important to carefully consider the location of your ad. There is a lot of available inventory for OOH ads in both big cities and small towns. Pinpointing the ideal location for your ad can effectively target the desired audience.

Now, What’s Next for OOH and Your Business

Once you have carefully considered these factors, it is important to take action and explore the features of OOH ads. If you aren’t sure where exactly to begin, Jungle Communications can help you through the process.

Contact us today to get your business seen by your target audience with outdoor ads.

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